Sunday, February 12, 2012

10.02.12 I Land Music Show - Episode 76

I always tend to say “I have a great playlist for your tonight”. In fact our aim at Recharged Radio is to really play you for the best independent music you could ever listen to. Just for the fact the we know this is the best for your ears and soul.

The 76th I Land Music includes music from around the world. Really. Australia, U.S.A, Ireland, France, U.K, Portugal, the Canadian French region and the Canadian English region too.

The spotlight will turn to Afonso Cabral, the lead singer of the Portuguese band You Can’t Win Charlie Brown.

Here’s the full playlist:

1. The Reverend John DeLore - Wayside

2. Wildlife - Sea Dreamer

3. The Minor Leagues - Ghost Maps

4. The Beautiful Sleazy - Fever Trip

5. Philippe B - Hypnagogie

6. MAKO - Unstopable

7. You Can't Win, Charlie Brown - I've Been Lost

8. 11:59 - Things Change

9. Sensual Harassment - Soldier

10. Sonoi - Micro Coliseum

Rodrigo de Sá

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